Terrazzo tile Machines

· JS-800 Terrazzo Tile Press

· JS-600D Double-layer Terrazzo Tile

· JS-600 Terrazzo Tile Press

· JS-128D Double-layer Tile Press

· JS-128S Tile Press

Roof tile Machines

· CW-12 Rolling Type Roof Machine

· JS-128G Roof Tile Press

· PW-5 Painting Machine

· JS-128S roof tile machine

Stone Equipment

· NBJ-6 Saw Machine

· YJ-2000 Saw Machine

· Stone Production Line

· Sand Production Line

· Vibrating Screen


· Vibrating Feeder

· Vibrating Screen


CW-12 Rolling Type Roof Machine
CW-12 Rolling Type Roof Machine
 The whole production line is moved by hydraulic system. The raw mixture made of sand, cement, water or pigment is evenly mixed by mixer. Then the mixture is transferred into the feeder of the tile forming machine. Under the common conditions, the tiles are shaped by extruding head and mould. After curing, the tiles can be painted. Changed the different extruding head and mould, the machines can produce various roof tiles with varied waves.
 CW-12 rolling type concrete roof tile production line is composed by:

1 Elevator    2 Mixer 3 Automatic Feeder  4Pre-vibration Machine 5Hydraulic Electrical Cabinets 6Forming Main Engine


Technical parameters:

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