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JS-128D Double-layer Tile Press
JS-128D Double-layer Tile Press

JS-128 double-layer terrazzo tile press

JS-128D tile press can produce double-layer and single-layer terrazzo tiles, especially for double-layer floor tiles.


 Moulding pressure: 128 Tons               Power: 7.5 kW                  Weight: 5 Tons

Production: 6-8 pieces/minute             Common matched moulds: 250X250, 300X300mm

Necessary raw materials: cement, small granule of marble/granite/limestone/gravel 

Optional materials: pigment, chemical element and sand.

Usage: indoor & outdoor floor, paving tiles, garden tiles, plaza tiles,etc.


1. human-machine interview and easy operation. PLC computer control system makes automatic operation and manual operation available.
2. Advanced pneumatic and hydraulic structure to make sure high efficiency and stable performance. It is specially for producing various double-layer tiles.
3. The end products possess higher strength, very nice edges and even surface.

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