Terrazzo tile Machines

· JS-800 Terrazzo Tile Press

· JS-600D Double-layer Terrazzo Tile

· JS-600 Terrazzo Tile Press

· JS-128D Double-layer Tile Press

· JS-128S Tile Press

Roof tile Machines

· CW-12 Rolling Type Roof Machine

· JS-128G Roof Tile Press

· PW-5 Painting Machine

· JS-128S roof tile machine

Stone Equipment

· NBJ-6 Saw Machine

· YJ-2000 Saw Machine

· Stone Production Line

· Sand Production Line

· Vibrating Screen


· Vibrating Feeder

· Vibrating Screen


JS-HX-600 Rotating type tile press
JS-HX-600 Rotating type tile press



JS-HX-600 Rotating type tile press

rotating-type, doser, flattened device, vibrating system,vacuum system, larger-sized pressure, automatic take-out device.

Moulding pressure: 500 Tons               Power: 19 kw                  Weight: 15 Tons
Production: 4-5 pieces/minute            Common matched moulds: 600X600, 600X800, 800X800 mm
Necessary raw materials: cement, small granule of marble/granite/limestone/gravel, stone powder. 
Optional materials: pigment and chemical element.
Usage: indoor & outdoor floor, paving tiles, garden tiles, plaza tiles,etc.
1. Adopting vibration stable, doser, flattened device, vacuum system, automatic take-out device.
2. Advanced pneumatic and hydraulic structure to make sure high efficiency and stable performance.
3. Human-machine interview, PLC computer system,
4. Cement-based terrazzo tiles/slabs or artificial marble tiles/slabs with single-layer or double-layer

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