Terrazzo tile Machines

· JS-800 Terrazzo Tile Press

· JS-600D Double-layer Terrazzo Tile

· JS-600 Terrazzo Tile Press

· JS-128D Double-layer Tile Press

· JS-128S Tile Press

Roof tile Machines

· CW-12 Rolling Type Roof Machine

· JS-128G Roof Tile Press

· PW-5 Painting Machine

· JS-128S roof tile machine

Stone Equipment

· NBJ-6 Saw Machine

· YJ-2000 Saw Machine

· Stone Production Line

· Sand Production Line

· Vibrating Screen


· Vibrating Feeder

· Vibrating Screen


Jinshan machinery has terrazzo brick machine production process

Zhengzhou zhongyuan jinshan machinery has terrazzo brick machine production patents, is the earliest manufacturer of such equipment. The fully automated production equipment, can save human, can greatly reduce product cost, terrazzo floor tile, tile production costs can be low to 9 yuan/square meters, and product quality equivalent to that of marble.

Welcome general customers come to jinshan machinery of choose and buy, jinshan machinery to provide you with better service, better product quality and tiles industry transformation and upgrading of the scheme.

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